Group G - AUTOMATIC 7 seater car Malaga - AUTOMATIC Seven seated Malaga

The AUTOMATIC SEVEN SEATER cars Malaga in fleet are NOT the "large" version such as Ford Galaxy, Voyager and Seat Alhambra!

These AUTOMATIC SEVEN SEATER cars in group G are the so called 5+2 meaning 5 seats plus to foldable seats in the rear of the car - whereof the Opel Zafira is the commonly best know.

the cars are identical to group F - the only difference is that group J1 are seven seated cars with automatic gearshift Malaga.

Examples of 7 seater cars rental Malaga:

Opel Zafira 7 seater to rent in Malaga
Toyota Verso 7 seated car for rent Malaga airport
Renault Gran Scenic 7 seater for rent from MALAGA AIRPORT

This group is an ideal traveling car for groups of 5 and more adults with plenty of luggage.

There are 2 foldable seats at the rear - if kept folded down the rear end can be used for luggage. Group F accomodates maximum 7 persons (5 + 2 seats) - but keep in mind that the luggage space is limited if all seats are in use.

For a group or family of 6 persons, one seat can be let folded down leaving quite some extra luggagespace next to the seat in use.