Car hire Malaga - IN CASE OF DAMAGE

Below in the blue frame is a snapshot of the part of our insurance conditions regarding Car hire Malaga IN CASE OF DAMAGE

Please read  the full RENTAL CONDITIONS HERE before you book a car hire in Malaga - you will need to confirm having read them anyway, before making a booking on the booking form.

We would like to point out that, as long as you use the vehicle in a normal manner, and act according to common sense which means informing us about anything unusual, accidents, damages etc. you can look forward to a hasslefree car rental in Malaga with bMetCarhire.

IN the event of doubts, just call...:)

On the contrary, in the case of negligence and/or false declaration, we will obviously not be particularly friendly to deal with...;)

Renters obligation in case of damages/breakdown

12.0 It is the renters obligation to inform the car rental company about breakdown/damage immediately when it happens
12.1 A brief declaration signed by the renter, with description of the occurred, including time, place and circumstances must be handed in to the car rental company.
12.2 In case of break down, robbery or accident, the renter must take all measures not to abandon the vehicle in a position that may expose it to suffering further damages which will be considered negligence.

Renters obligation in case of accident

13.0 To immediately call the police and make a police report, and if necessary, declare at the nearest Policia Local or Guardia Civil.
13.1 To inform the car rental company immediately or, as soon as possible within 24 hours.
13.2 If a third party is involved the following details MUST by law be  exchanged in between both parties:
- Third party´s full name
- ID
- License plates
- Insurance company (compañia de seguros)
- Insurance licence number (numero de poliza).
13.3 If the third party cannot identify himself, or refuses to identify himself the Police MUST be called immediately.
13.3 When possible, the "friendly declaration" or "Declaracion Amistosa de Accidente) should be filled in by the renter and the third party, and a copy of this document handed in to our staff.
13.4 Notification of damages and/or handling of documentation regarding damages or accidents at the returning, or after the returning of the vehicle, and/or false declaration regarding damages, verbal or in written will NOT BE ACCEPTED, meaning that the renter will be held economically responsible for the damages/economic loss!