Below in the blue frame is a snapshot of the part of our insurance conditions regarding Car rental Malaga INCLUDED AND NOT INCLUDED

Please read  the full RENTAL CONDITIONS HERE before you book a car rental in Malaga

INCLUDED in case of accident:

INCLUDED in case of accident:
1.0 Unlimited coverage for personal injuries towards the driver and passengers in the car, and injuries caused to third party.
All damages caused to the vehicle if caused by an accident where an identified third party is involved ALSO INCLUDING undercarriage and clutch.

Expressedly INCLUDED:

1.1 Scratches and damages to the bodywork, glass, wheels/tyres (in case of puncture or blowout), front and rear lights, windscreens - ALSO covered if caused by a third party or by the renter himself (PROVIDING THAT THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY IS INFORMED ABOUT THE DAMAGES PROMPTLY).

NOT INCLUDED if damage is caused by the renter:

1.2Damages caused by negligence.Damage caused by the renter due to reckless driving or parking, such as damages caused due to driving on non-signed roads (dirt tracks or in Spanish "Carril"), misuse of clutch -  antennae, upholstery, cigarette burns, extremely dirty interiors, loss/damage of keys, wrong re-fuelling and expenses derived of the afore mentioned.


1.3 Traffic and parking fines:A flat fee of 15€ for handeling applies.
1.4 Towing due to wrong parking, damages caused due to ignoring the car´s dashboard symbols, driving the car in a way that may cause further damages to it, transport of pets, misuse,  expenses/economic loss derived of the aforementioned.