Car rental Malaga - NO FUELCHARGES

Below in the blue frame is a snapshot of the part of our insurance conditions regarding Car rental Malaga NO FUELCHARGES

Please keep our customer friendly fuel arrangement in mind when comparing our car rental Malaga airport prices - there is extensive information regarding this on the front page - please read it before booking a car Malaga airport.

Please read  the full RENTAL CONDITIONS HERE before you book a car rental in Malaga

Fuel Policy – car rental Malaga with NO FUELCHARGES

6.1 The vehicle is delivered with ½ a tank of fuel – The renter returns it with ½ a tank of fuel unless otherwise informed by the car rental staff that delivers the vehicle i.e. NO FUELCHARGES!
6.2 A fixed handling fee of 25€ + the missing fuel will be charged the renter´s Credit Card, should the car be returned with less fuel.