Car rental Malaga - NEGLIGENT USE

Below in the blue frame is a snapshot of the part of our insurance conditions regarding Car rental Malaga NEGLIGENT USE.

As long as you are looking to use the car in a common sense,during your holidays, everything is included - Negligence and wrong use of the vehicle however, will not be accepted and is not included.

Please read  the full RENTAL CONDITIONS HERE before you book a car rental in Malaga

Negligent use of rental cars Malaga

11.0 Negligent and non-adequate use of the vehicle is under no circumstances covered – all costs and/or economic loss, direct and indirect, that the car rentals company may suffer as a consequence thereof shall be paid by the renter.

11.1 In particular, the following is considered negligence: to damage wheels/tyres by hitting the curb while parking, circulating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, circulating beyond the termination of the contract, excessive speeding, driving on non-signed roads/tracks, wrong use of clutch, reckless driving, reckless parking, circulating without being registered as a recognized driver on the contract, not respecting the dashboard warning symbols, to disregard traffic signs.